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At Bespoke Basements, we customise the design of your new basement to your specific needs. We understand that your basement must feel like an extension of the house, rather than an incongruous afterthought.

You might want a family room in the basement that’s contemporary, stylish and warm, that doubles as a great entertainment area. A large basement can easily handle several activities, such as a lounge area equipped with a wide-screen television, home-theatre and bar.

Or if you’re thinking of increasing your living space without giving up your outdoor facilities… well, it’s also possible to have a basement right underneath your garden!

The Process

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A basement can usually be built, we just need to confirm any access, time or budget constraints

Design & Planning

Good design is about the interplay between form & function - your requirements come first

Construction Schedule

Your unique situation will determine the expected schedule - usually from 6 weeks to 6 months...

Reviews From Our Satisfied Clients.

We believe in the principle of ‘Done Right First Time’ – your basement build is not a time to be cutting corners or testing out new ideas.

We know this is going to be your home, hopefully for years to come – we take care to ensure we bring our decades of experience to your project from day one, and right through to successful completion.

“They are a very professional company... & have supported us throughout the whole process and were a key component in the successful completion of the project.”

“A huge amount of work goes into a new build and we really appreciated the well-informed and experienced approach the whole team took”

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning approval is not generally required for basement construction in residential properties in almost all Local Authorities in UK, but there are a few councils in London where planning permission has been introduced especially for large basements known as mega-basements.

Provided your home is not a flat or maisonette and the basement will not have any impact on the external appearance of your house, planning permission is not required.

However we will double check the local planning requirements before we carry out a detailed design.

The party wall act applies if you are excavating within 3m of your neighbours foundations or if you have to use special foundations such as piling with  a depth of at most 6m.

Any terraced or semi-detached house will have to serve Party Wall notices to adjoining neighbours.

We use proven water tightening solutions to ensure your basement is always dry and comfortable.

And we have trusted contacts who are specialists in the many different types of water proofing works that can be required for properties with existing issues.

In all cases involving basement construction, Building Regulations apply.

The main reason is that a key feature of the creation of a basement involves significant structural work and any work of this level of complexity MUST be controlled.

Irrespective of the use for a basement, unless it is existing, Building Control is required but even if it is existing and a Change of Use is required it has to be Building Regulations compliant.

I.e you cannot just change a cellar into a bedroom without building control.

To carry out a basement construction on an existing house we usually have to underpin the existing foundations.

Underpinning is a specialist technique which involves extending the foundations of a house to a deeper depth.

It has to be carried out in a specific sequence and is a delicate process.

Most cellars are shallow and to convert them to habitable basements we generally have to underpin to achieve a decent headroom.

Unfortunately there’s no simple answer for that question – it’s just like asking how much does a house cost?  Answer: It depends…

That’s why we offer a free 30 minute consultation during which you can provide the necessary information, that we require to be able to provide an estimate

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